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Our Personnel:

All of our close protection operatives go through a strict vetting procedure. Only upon completion do they progress through to the next stage to becoming a member of one of our close-nit security teams.

All members of our security teams are fully licensed Close Protection Officers with a minimum of 6 years military service, police service or service with similar specialist units and a minimum of 6 years close protection experience, preferably within hostile regions.

All Operators are required to pass a stringent training package prior to deployment.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical Assessment
    To ensure they are physically fit, robust and suitably motivated to carry out their duties to the exceptionally high standards set by the company.

  • Communication/Radio Operator Training
    To support team communication operator.
  • Vehicle Drills & Maintenance

  • Health & Safety Awareness

  • Weapon Handling Assessment
    To ensure proficiency in all weapon systems used during deployments.

These skills are maintained during deployments through team training and random company assessments.

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